A diary of writer Bram Stoker of "Dracula", discovered beyond the time of 100 years

Currently"Dracula"Speaking of the image is commonly called vampire, the name of this "Dracula" was made by the end of the 19th century writer Bram Stoker. It is said that this diary of Bram Stalker has been discovered by descendants now after 100 years since death.

The name of Bram Stalker is known to the world as the author of "Dracula", but the person is unexpectedly unknown. The discovery of this time seems to be something to hit the new aspect of the person called Bram · Stalker.

Bram Stoker's great-grandson finds journal in which author sketched out Dracula | Mail Online

Prior to Bram Stoker there was a motif of "vampire". In various places in Europe there is a type of tradition that "people once died revive and seek blood". Based on this tradition, in the rise of fear novels that began to become popular since the early 19th century, in 1819, by John Polydri"The Vampire"Was born. "The Vampire" is said to be the origin of a novel modeled on vampires.

Image of Dracula by Bram Stoker. My ears have come up and my fangs are coming out of the closed mouth.

After that, an Irish writerSheridan Les Fagnesby"Carmilla"It was born in 1872. A typical female vampire modeled horror novel, a typical vampire characteristic such as aristocratic beauty, sleeping in a coffin, staking a pile in the heart and die, was formed here and also in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" It will have a strong influence.

Sheridan Les Fangyu who wrote "Carmilla".

Portrait of Bram Stoker. There were Oscar Wilde known for such writers as "Salome", and it seems there was also a personal relationship with Wild.

Inheriting this "Carmilla" motif, in 1897 Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is completed. The title at the time of writing was "incomplete death", but later changed to "Dracula" meaning "dragon's son" in Romanian. This novel showed tremendous sales, and because of hits all over the world, the image "Dracula = vampire" has become established.

By the way, the model of Dracula was born in 15th century RomaniaVlado III of Duke WallachiaAlthough it is said, actually there are only two things in common with Vlado III, nicknamed Dracula and Romania.

The image below is said to be a model of Dracula Castle by Bram Stoker, Rumania's Bran Castle.

Portrait of Vlado III of Wallachia.

This time, I found the diary Noel Dobbs who is the great grandchild of Bram Stoker. In the diary there was a signature of Bram Stalker's real name "Abraham Stoker". The content started from 1871 when Bram Stoker became 20 years old, and 305 diaries are listed. The length of each diary is disjointed, it ranges from very short to long sentences, and it seems that romantic poetry is included in it.

Dobbs sent a picture of this diary to Dacre Stoker who is a cousin and a professor in South Carolina. Dacre Stoker says, "It was a feeling that I found the Holy Grail, and there are very few things that Bram Stoker himself wrote to know what kind of person he was. And scholars and fans wanted to know what kind of person the author of "Dracula" for a long time, I got an important clue now, "said the excitement.

Of course the idea related to the establishment of "Dracula" is also described in the diary, and it seems to be an essential book for Bram Stoker fans. This diary is scheduled to be published in March 2012 of the year 2012 by the general readers. I do not know yet whether Japanese translation will be done, but expectation will increase now.

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