Christ discovers a mysterious text that may have been married to Mary Magdalene



The movie The Da Vinci Code mentions that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene, but Karen King of Harvard University said that Jesus Christ was 'my wife.' I found Papilus with the text he was saying. The text also mentions 'Mary', which is presumed to refer to Mary Magdalene, shocking Christians.

The Inside Story of a Controversial New Text About Jesus | History | Smithsonian Magazine

The papyrus debris was even smaller than a credit card and had black ink on both sides. According to King, the document is in the language of ancient Egypt and, like many of the early Christian documents, is believed to have been translated between the 3rd and 4th centuries.

Since 33 words are written in incomplete 14-line sentences in papyrus, it is difficult to read exactly. King has collected the following eight sentences from papyrus.

(1) “Not [to] me. My mother gave to me li [fe]…” (“Not to me. My mother gave me life ……”)
(2) The disciples said to Jesus, “(The disciples said to Jesus,“)
(3) deny. Mary is worthy of it.
(4) 'Jesus said to them,' My wife, 'Jesus said to them,' My wife.
(5) she will be able to be my disciple
(6) Let wicked people swell up
(7) As for me, I dwell with her in order to (in my case, I live with her)
(8) an image

According to her analysis, it is speculated that 'Mary' in (3) is 'probably' Mary Magdalene, a depiction of Jesus protecting Mary from his disciples. And 'My wife' in (4) and 'she' in (5) also indicate Mary Magdalene. This document may have been a page of a book, but in any case it is the first and only ancient document describing that Jesus Christ was married.

In 2010, King said from a manuscript collector, 'I got the Gnostic Gospel, which contained a document about Jesus, his disciples, and Mary Magdalene. I'll send you a photo. Would you like to see it? ' After receiving more information and photos, she suspected she was a fake, but when she sent the photo to Roger Bagnall of New York University, a well-known papyrusian, she said, 'Believe it. He said that he received a reply saying, 'It's genuine.'



However, King does not claim that this fragment is evidence that Jesus Christ was actually married. According to her analysis, the Gospels document the life (and next life) of Jesus Christ, and many Gospels are believed to have been written in Greece in the second century AD after the crucifixion of Jesus. And since it was translated into ancient Egyptian about two centuries later, it is not sufficient evidence of Jesus' marriage.

What this fragment reveals is more subtle and complex. As can be seen from the papyrus, early Christians wrote Jesus Christ, who preached to them, as sublime, intelligent, and widowed. Moreover, it may not be just a wife, but Mary Magdalene, the most mentioned woman in the New Bible. According to King, the question posed by this discovery is, 'Why did only the literature that Jesus Christ was single survived?' And Jesus' intimate relationship with Mary Magdalene and other women. Is there any document that says it was there? about it. It is not clear whether this is just a coincidence or because singleness was ideal for Christians.

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In addition, King himself states that papyrus has not yet completed scientific tests such as examining ink, and the importance of this discovery is based on the hypothesis that 'this papyrus is genuine'. .. She plans to publish a treatise called 'The Gospel of Jesus' Wife' after conducting scientific tests such as spectrum analysis.

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