For the retribution of his father's ashes on eBay

It seems there was an incident that the father's ashes were sent on the auction site "eBay" in order to retaliate the father who left the mother and her mother. As for the thing that the seller has already forgotten about the thing itself that left the house leaving her and her mother, it seems that something has asked for a remuneration and asked for inconvenience as a result.

What is the reason for bringing him to such action?

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I'm selling Dad's ashes on eBay | The Sun | News

Ananova - Dad's ashes up for sale on eBay

William Ireland (50 years old) who lives in the town called Asherstone in Warwickshire, England, who sent his father's ashes on eBay. Father Kenneth said that Mr. William made a mistress when he was 6 years old and left his house and his mother. Later William was hungry for his father's affection, and he said he had been searching for his father for a long time. And when I finally met with my father at last, I understand that they understand each other and forgive each other.

Then in 2006 Kenneth passed away, and an incident occurred at that time that caused William to display ashes. It is said that Kenneth 's will will divide property only to the remarried wife and his children, he said that William and his mother were not mentioned at all. Mr. William, who knew it, knew that Kenneth did not care about himself and her mother at all and thought that he wanted to compensate for the sin that left them.

William asking for amendment said that he decided to sell on eBay with his father cremated and got the ashes. My father's remarriage seems to want me to pass the ashes, but William says he does not respond.

William and his father's ashes

Picture of Kenneth whose father died this

This is the image when it was sent on eBay. In the comment section "This is the ashes of my father Kenneth, he was a 17-pound pocketed wife and a bastard who abandoned two children, and he did not even pay one penny as a child support cost." It was stated that it was stated. Currently this ashes seems to have not been posted on eBay whether the listing has been withdrawn.

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