A couple who went to see the comedy, let me be sent off with too much laughter

Going to the comedy seems to be an interesting funny time, I hear that a couple who was laughing too far laughing out of the hall is in the UK.

It seems that it was so much wonderful that it was enough to be sent off, but what kind of laughter did you do in the morning?

Details are as below.
Ananova - Couple thrown out of comedy for laughing

41-year-old Sharon Whitelaw watches a 42-year-old Tony Priestley who is a boyfriend for his birthday celebrationLincoln Drill HallIt took me to. Although they were enjoying comedy, the couple was brought to the rest room during the curtain, and it was decided that before the audience was drinking a drink and was absent, they could not return to the audience seats anymore It was. The reason is that there were complaints from the other three audience that "it laughs in places that are not interesting, kicking the front seat, making it noisy".

The two people were totally reimbursed for admission fee and drink fee and left the hall. "We were treated as children and if I had a hole, it was a shameful feeling I wanted to enter," Whitelaw says.

Lincoln Drill Hall, who was supposed to leave two people.

Simon Hollingworth, manager of Lincoln Drill Hall, said he insisted that the actions of the staff were correct after refusing "they may have made you feel bad".

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