Performance art that keeps staring at the other party only 700 hours is achieved

Just keeping staring at the work is Shinsenkan Pharmaceutical's "Domöholn WrinkleAlthough it appears to the CM, it seems that there are people who achieved 700 hours with performance art that keeps staring at the opponent sitting in the chair. It is likely that a lot of patience will be required for not moving for a long time without doing anything, but a movie has also been taken to see what it looks like.

Details are as below.
Artist completes 700 hour stare | Quirky News | Orange UK

It was Serbian artist Marina Abramovic who performed a performance art to keep watching opponents sitting in chairs. Performance is in New YorkMuseum of Modern Art (MoMA)It took place at a pace of 7 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Marina keeps staring at the visitors sitting opposite.

There are a total of 1,400 people sitting opposite Marina, among them musiciansBjorkAnd an actressMarisa TomeiIt seems that celebrities such as such are included.

A movie taken of performance. There is no time for visitors to sit down, but some people left their seats in a couple of minutes, some people sit all day.
YouTube - Marina Abramovic at MoMA.m4v

When someone is sitting, I keep on watching others while keeping silent, but when no one is sitting, I am lying.

In another movie you can see the view from above as well.
YouTube - The artist is present MARINA ABRAMOVIC

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