Super powerful protective seat "invisibleSHIELD" is fine even if you drill iPad or iPhone with drill

It is troubling when you use Apple's mobile phone "iPhone" series, tablet terminal "iPad" etc. Although it is about protecting the screen, a sheet that strongly protects the screen "InvisibleSHIELD (invisible shield)"Has been on sale.

It protects the screen even if you scrape the surface with keys, screws, electric drills, etc. In addition, Suguremono which also combines the self-restoring function making full use of nanotechnology, the movie of the appearance which demonstrates its ability without leaving any place It is open to the public.

Details are as below.
Hold up the strongest protection film of iPad / iPhone, open! | - Technology for Design.

Act2 News Release - ZAGG started selling ZAGG products as an official partner.

According to these articles and news releases, from May 28, "invisibleSHIELD for iPhone (2490 yen including tax)" and "invisibleSHIELD for iPad (3990 yen)" are on sale.

"Invisible SHIELD" adopts patent materials developed using nanotechnology to protect the wings of military high-speed helicopter from dust, dust, and gareki, it protects it from scratches and damage with surprising durability It is said that over 7 million copies have been sold worldwide already.

Also, although a movie of durability test to verify the ability of "invisible SHIELD" is released, it protects the main body strongly despite the scratching on the surface in every way.

This is the movie. "InvisibleSHIELD" has already been pasted on iPad.
YouTube - iPad Scratch Test

First of all it tries to scratch with a key, but the scratch that was eyes is not attached.

Then drop a large number of screws. Again the scratch that was the eye is not attached.

And finally when you scraped the surface with an electric drill, there are scratches indeed. It is just like a nightmare.

But when you peel off "invisible SHIELD" ...

There is no scratch on the main body how. it's amazing.

In addition, overseas "invisibleSHIELD" compatible with devices other than iPhone and iPad is on sale.
YouTube - What is the invsibleSHIELD

Adopt nanotechnology.

It is okay to pull this much.

A terrible mechanism that it does not matter even if it pierces with a pen. In addition, "invisible SHIELD" has self-healing function which naturally cures scar injuries.

I pasted "invisible SHIELD" on Sony's PSP Go and scratched it.

But the main unit is safe.

For mobile users, it is most desirable that the corresponding models increase in Japan.

Purchase of "invisibleSHIELD" is from the following. The strongest protective film adopted by nanotechnology, invisibleSHIELD appeared.

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Surface of iPad and iPhone with 10 yen coin or electric screwdriver, extremely strong protective sheet "invisibleSHIELD" durability test review

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