The secret of white-baiys equipped with printers and others for controlling speeding violations

EarlierA movie article about the brilliant drilling of the woman police bear battalion unit "Queenstars"Although I uploaded, they are equipped with a number of special equipment such as a vehicle speed measuring device and a siren for crackdown, unlike general motorbikes. Where and how are they equipped? Usually I can not see the details, but at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2009 real wheat baikes are on display and I have taken pictures mainly on equipment that does not exist in general cars because I can observe as much as I like.

Details are below.
Contemporary white-baiies.

There are also unique ones from the current viewpoint such as Suzuki · GSX 750E 4 based white-bai which was released at the same time as III type Katana.

Current white shit. Honda's VFR 800 is the base machine.

A handle which has been raised considerably. One of the secrets of the ride posture that stretched the backbone of a police officer.

It is probably the box behind which electrical equipment such as radio sets are stored. Sticker of what seems to be the main switch and "checking the power switch at the time of return".

The top lid is like a clipboard. I often see a figure standing behind a motorbike and filling in a ticket for a bribe, but this is a substitute for a desk.

Up siren.PatliteMade. It seems that you can change the number of seconds to ring by tweaking the knob.

Centralized switch on the right handle. You can see the switch of "siren" or "microphone" that you can not see on a regular motorcycle.

A box that is unfamiliar to the left steering wheel. The lever is a radio PTT switch

Meter with "Measurement speed" character. It will probably follow you by looking at the numbers displayed here.

When I opened the lid under the meter, the printer was equipped. A type in which slender paper comes out shoe like a cash register. I have taken quite tightly airtight so that water does not enter. It seems to print from here and post it to a ticket for violation.

head on.

There was also a list of national women's white bike units. Patterns in various places throughout the country.

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