Sex in a jet plane banned

Singapore Airlines, which began operations of the world's largest jumbo jet A 380, is requesting customers to refrain from sex in the plane. The A380 has a sweet class as a class that exceeds First, and there are 12 rooms with beds and TVs. We can combine two suite classes into a double bed, which seems to be a problem.

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Singapore Airlines says, "Singapore Airlines says," We would like to ask customers to protect the norm to avoid trouble to other customers and passengers in the cabin. It's just a sweet class, "he says.

Tony Elwood, who took a wife and sweet class on his first flight, said: "Are they telling me to put a double bed and provide infinite champagne, then naturally not to happen? I am trying to romanticize the service of the company, and should not be complaining about the complaint, "he said.

The in-flight photograph of A380 is from the following link. According to the article, the sweet class fee from Singapore to Sydney seems to be 8000 euros (about 1.3 million yen).

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