Women having oral sex in the toilet of the plane are banned from using the airline



'If you hear sex in the plane, you will imagine a situation that looks like in a video for adults, but' A woman who has sex in the bathroom of the plane in reality will be banned from using the plane by the airline ' That event has been reported.

Couple caught having sex on transatlantic flight, woman banned from airline | Fox News

The British airline Virgin Atlantic has taken steps to ban women from having an airplane, as it has reached sex in an aircraft that was flying over the Atlantic . According to a published report, a flight attendant discovers a scene where two men and women in their late twenties have sex in an economy class toilet on a flight leaving Gatwick Airport in London and heading to Cancun in Mexico It was done.

It is reported that 'the flight attendant saw men and women who pulled down the pants, and was furious with' you are willing to ruin a rest by oral sex! ', Apparently two people for 11 hours Appeared to be engaged in oral sex during the flight.

'The woman appeared around 12:30 after takeoff, and a friend who was traveling with me and me,' a man who was sitting in a seat close to the two men who participated in oral sex interviewed a tabloid interview In addition to that, we also made friends with men traveling alone across the aisle quickly, ”he says, saying that women have been actively invited.


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According to the men's testimony, 'A few minutes later the woman stood alone in the bathroom, and the man traveling alone behind the aisle followed her. She was too loud, so what in the bathroom We all knew that was being done. '

A man who was found to be a flight attendant had lied, 'I was caring because she was ill' to fake that I was having sex in the bathroom of the toilet. However, the flight attendant replied, 'Why should you care for her even though you should not be acquainted?' And the applause came out from the surrounding passengers. After all, they were taken back to their separate seats, and the passengers shook words of exasperation.

After that, the woman who was found oral sex became a fight with a woman friend who was traveling together, and it was said that it spread to a nuisance such as spreading the drink in the room. In addition to oral sex, there was a nuisance such as dirtying the audience, and the pilot contacted the Mexican police during the flight, and the woman who landed in Cancun was the first result of meeting police officials. As a result, it is reported that women have been banned from using Virgin Atlantic.

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A spokeswoman for Virgin Atlantic Airlines commented, 'Women were not barred from boarding because of only one event,' said the event. Oral sex alone is not the only cause, it is the result that it has resulted in the nuisance such as spreading the drink by refusing the crew's request many times.

'This decision to refuse the customer's boarding is not too light for us, as she repeatedly ignored the flight attendant's warning, and as a result of continuing the nuisance, she requested the police to be dispatched. “The safety of our passengers and our crew is our number one priority, and we can not put women who are likely to harm it on our aircraft,” says Virgin Atlantic I'm answering the interview.

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