Public wireless LAN is real free, Yodobashi camera sells new service using next-generation high-speed communication "WiMAX"

New Yodobashi camera partnered with triplet gate that provides public wireless LAN service and new service using next generation high speed communication "WiMAX"Wireless gate Wi-Fi + WiMAXIt has become clear that we will start selling it.

This enables high-speed communication both indoors and outdoors, as well as the use of public wireless LAN services provided by the N700 Series Shinkansen, McDonald's and other eateries and wide area areas within the Yamanote line area in real free use It will be able to do.

Details are as below.
According to a press release sent from the triplet gate to the editorial department, triplett gate will enter the next generation high speed wireless communication "WiMAX" from July 1.

It borrows a line from KDDI's "UQ WiMAX" and provides service as a virtual mobile communication carrier (MVNO), which is currently the lowest priced public wireless LAN currently being sold by Yodobashi camera by triplet gate service"Wireless gate"Wireless gate Wi-Fi + WiMAX", a new service combining WiMAX, will be sold by Yodobashi Camera.

As a result, it becomes possible to use wireless LAN and WiMAX properly according to the situation, so that it becomes possible to complement the necked available areas mutually, and WiMAX service provided by UQ WiMAX It will be possible to use the public wireless LAN service in real free for the WiMAX service with the same amount of 4480 yen as the monthly usage fee of.

In addition, two kinds of price plans are prepared, the price of "Standard Plan" that can be used at a monthly price of 4,480 yen and the price of the dedicated modem terminal "Aterm WM 3200 U" falls from 12,800 yen to 8700 yen, the monthly charge becomes 4680 yen instead In addition, it is said that a "plan" will be provided, which is conditional on continued use for two years.

This is a dedicated modem "Aterm WM 3200 U" of the type connected by USB

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