Squirrel Squirrel, a squirrel trying to break through a mechanism to rob the bird's bait


Although I do not often see wild squirrels in Japan, it seems that squirrels are approaching near the residence aiming at the bird's food box in the West. In such a case, since it is not easy to eat food for squirrel, eating boxes with various squirrel avoiding mechanisms are circulating.

In the case of the movie in the bottom, a squirrel got on the food box and attached with a mechanism to rotate and shake off.

Twirl a squirrel champ - YouTube

I will spin around the squirrel but the squirre will cling to it desperately.

It scatters the food from the feed box while surrounding.

I was too absorbed in taking the food and the back legs got apart. Even after this, the squirrel will attempt attacks boldly, but it will not be able to break through the rotation and will be shaken off.

The squirrel that fell in the bushes seems to have been discovered after this, and has returned safely. By the way, it is the second time that this squirrel challenges this food box.

Even in the lower movie, we are burning obsession to try to capture the food box that the squirrel rotates.

A very dizzy dizzy squirrel - YouTube

Squirrel that goes clamorlessly, without turning as a thing.

In any case the moment of getting the food is like a demon, and this squirrel makes a big mistake of releasing his forefoot.

Squirrel that has been left unchanged.

I will try to restore the power of whole body, I will try to recover somehow.

However, it failed to fail. I was swept away.

There seems to be some obsession with squirrel's foods, but in the movie below, a brave squirrel will come out to pick up the cat as well.

Cat and squirrel - YouTube

A cat found a squirrel came to take food.

A cat attacks through a windowpane.

Squirrels will escape surprised.

But squirrels attacking again soon.

Even if a cat is getting closer to himself no longer is a fair face.

Rather the cat was sitting down.

This time the squirrel shows interest in the cat.

A cat who notices scarier about squirre approaching and goes back and catches it.

Two animals get used to each other eventually.

Peaceful time will come.

A squirch that will return and a cat watching over it. This house seems to give food to squirrels, but if you want to protect foods, it seems that cats are not very suitable for measures against crime.

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