Original theater animation 'Promare' main part opening of TRIGGER production The action scene is YouTube prohibited and 'Matoi Tecker' proudly sees

The action scene that appears at the beginning of the main part of the first completely original theater animation '

Promare ' by the combination of 'Tengen Break through Glen Lagan' and 'Kill la Kill' and the director who sends out the hot animation, Hiroyuki Imaishi & Screenplay and Nakajima Kazuki It was first published on YouTube. It has become a content that understands the work's Nori well, including the lookout scenes of 'Matoy Tecker' that appeared in Long PV and was fighting with Mad Varnish.

Film 'Promare' Opening Action Scene Production: TRIGGER May 24 (Fri) National Release-YouTube

© TRIGGER · Nakajima Kazuki / X FLAG

Reaction of a fiery flame on a part of the roof of the building.

Under the guidance of Rookie Garro (voice: Matsuyama Kenichi) of the High Mobile Rescue Team [Burning Rescue] who rushed to the scene, a voice flew from Lucia (voice: Mayumi Niiya), who was in charge of mechanic, as 'Garo, behind!' .

If there is a burnish reaction, if you smoke at Mattoi ...

Ahead of the smoke were the three executives of Mad Varnish, an offensive group of the burnish racers.

It is known that it is a confetti that faces each other, and 'Gallery burns and burns!'

It enters into a battle with Madburnish, but what is equipped is for life saving to the end. No teeth stand in this condition.

'That's an example guy!' Said Gallo. Lucy also reacted happily.

Mattoi and the suit that I had in hand united and transformed ...

Go to 'Matoi Tecker'.

And in 'Pochi' of Lucia ...

An image was projected from the drone.

Matt Tecker says, 'It is a figure that inherits the soul of the traditional extinguisher of the far-east island country.'

The battle power is now dramatically improved.

Succeeded in freezing the mad burnish that had been struggling just before.

Mad burnish leader watching the situation

'Don't go back in a frantic way, and I'm going to play straight ahead and go ahead!'

Because what happens to a fierce battle between Garo and Mad Bernish's leader who wears a Mato Tecker, because Imaishi & Nakajima Combi will make full use of their characteristics and they will be fascinated by action and hattari enough, so make sure to confirm that in the theater Please give me.

It can also be confirmed in long PV that many other intense action scenes are included.

Production movie 'Promare' Long PV production: TRIGGER May 24 <Fri> national release-YouTube

The music that mixes with the decorated story is by Hiroyuki Sawano. The soundtrack digest is also available on YouTube.

PROMARE Original Soundtrack Digest OST-Hiroyuki Sawano-YouTube

The movie 'Promare' will be released on Friday, 24 May 2019.

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