A teenage maid is starting to beheaded in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, although the capital punishment was sentenced to teenage maids, it seems that human rights campaigners insist that it is too strict. Maid was convicted of mistakenly letting the baby die, and if the death penalty is confirmed, it will be subject to beheading in public.

Details are as follows
Saudis prepare to behead teenage maid | International News | News | Telegraph

Maid is 19 years old from Sri Lanka, Rizana Nafeek. It seems that Nafeek accidentally suffocated death when doing milk to a baby 4 months old. According to Nafeek's argument, his care did not include care of the child in his work, and he tried as much effort as possible in order to secure the air passages even when the baby was taken away.

The 17th night of standard time is the appeal deadline, as the judgment changes, or unless the deceased baby parent wishes a generous treatment, Nafeek will be declared openly.

In Saudi Arabia, 5.6 million foreign workers are working, and mostly they are employed in a rich house. According to the Sri Lankan government Nafeek had just been to Saudi Arabia a couple weeks before the incident and the delegation of the Sri Lankan government tried to enter Saudi Arabia to arrange Nafeek's appeal, but late for visa problems It seems I got it.

In Saudi Arabia, Islamic law is particularly strict, according to Amnesty International statistics, it seems that 94% of the world's death sentences are executed only in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Some people are brought out from the cell phone without being told that they are executions, others are also tried in languages ​​that they can not understand.

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