An 8-year-old boy who had lived for ten days with a dead mother

An 8 - year - old boy who has survived alone for over a week after her mother 's death is said to be in the United States. I think that it is quite a long term for children, but neighbors did not notice at all.

Details are as below.
Mich. Police: Boy, 8, Spent 10 days with Dead Mom | | Strange

It was on January 9th that a 41-year-old mother died in a Detroit apartment. The young boy who survived eating dry rice, butter, flour, etc., was found by the shop owner who went shopping for pajamas for shopping.

The shop owner suspected the boy who tried to buy soda and donuts with his mother's credit card and asked if he could talk with his mother and said, "My mother is in a good place right now" and furthermore " I want to talk with my mother. "

The boy has no brothers, his father died a few years ago. Not attending schoolHome schoolingDue to what I was doing, no one knew that my mother died and lived alone by 10 days.

The police are thinking that the deceased mother is not for murder, so it seems that the boy who is currently under the foster career is able to live in the place of relative properly.

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