A boy shoplifting cheetos is arrested by a police who traced the trace of Cheetos

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A boy was arrested for shoplifting in the US · South Carolina. The police officer said the boy stole the sweetsCheetosIt seems that he reached his place from the trace of.

Trail of Cheetos Leads to Burglary Suspect | wltx.com

Trail of Cheetos Leads to Store Robber - ABC News

A 19-year-old boy named Austin Lee Westfall Presler who shoplifted and was caught.WLTXWell, Austin said that they stole beer, energy drinks, tobacco, snacks, etc. from local grocery stores.

Here is a cheetos of snacks.


According to the shopkeeper of the miscellaneous shop, Austin entered the store around 2:30 AM on Sunday, destroyed the door and refrigerator and stealed beer and snacks. The stolen goods themselves are equivalent to 160 dollars (about 14,000 yen), but because the doors and refrigerators were destroyed, the damage is more than $ 2,500 (about 220,000 yen). At that time Austin opened the cheetos of a couple of bags in a casual way and he seemed to have fallen on the floor of the shop. When the police investigated, he discovered a car with cheetos scattered around in a garden of a certain residence, he said that he was able to easily locate whereabouts.


The owner said "It was pretty easy to catch him,"ABC NewsI told you.

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