Young people who steal ashes and inhale mistakenly as cocaine


An inexplicable incident occurred that a father's ashes and two ashes of two dogs that a woman kept at home were stolen by a young teenager, but due to a subsequent investigation It is obvious that the ashes were misunderstood as cocaine or heroin and they were stolen.

The thieves who inhale the ashes from their noses and licked with their tongues came to the conclusion that they were "cement," though they noticed "something different", and were told that it was ashes for the first time by newspaper report on the case That's right.

Details are as below.Police: Teens Snorted Ashes of Man, 2 Dogs Mistaken for Cocaine

FloridaSilver Springs ShoresA woman came home on 15th December 2010, discovered evidence of entering the empty nest and noticed that the ashes of two fathers and their domestic Great Danes were gone, besides jewels and appliances That's right.

A woman who knew about young people gave information to the sheriff office knowing that the item that was stolen contains ashes, so five teenagers were identified as suspects, and in the subsequent interrogations the case It seems he confessed about multiple thefts including including.

From left, Waldo Soroa (19), Matrix Andaluz (18), Jose David Diaz Marrero (19). The other two suspects are under 18 years old and are not revealed their name etc, but they are said to be involved in 20 outstanding theft cases and that everyone is in custody.

According to the statement, the suspects stealed the ashes preserved in the plastic bags and kept in the crock and wooden boxes as if they were cocaine or heroin, inhaled and confirmed the taste with the tongue, "I was cocaine or heroin It seems she did not seem to have seen it, "but he told his friend," It will be cement, "he told me he left it without throwing away.

The suspects who noticed that coffee cases were reported in the newspaper and stolen the ashes saw "At first it felt the pangs of conscience (scissors) and thought about returning ashes, but the risk of being caught I dumped the ashes of the dog into the nearby lake because it is too high, "he told the sheriff.

Following the statements, the diver at the sheriff's office dropped into the lake and, for an hour or so, I was able to discover the two wooden boxes containing the ashes of the dog. Meanwhile, the vase containing the victim 's father' s ashes was not thrown into the lake, but it is said that he is still searching for the exact place where he was thrown away.

However, looking at the two wooden boxes found in the lake, it seems that one of them contained the ashes of the dogs and the other contained human ashes. While treating the ashes with suspects suspecting that it would be cocaine or heroin, they seemed to have replaced the bags that had been in the vase and the bags that were in the wooden box without knowing, and the victims The ashes of one of the father's daughter's father and her dog are thrown into the lake, and the undiscovered bottle contains ashes of another dog.

Although the ashes collected from the lake are put in a plastic bag and stored in a wooden box, they can be dried in cremation facilities etc., although they are in the water, a spokesman for the sheriff's office I am talking.

This is not the first case in the United States where the ashes were mistaken for drugs and stolen, and in the past when a female handbag in Oregon State was discovered, the four dog's ashes carrying the ashes of the dog There was also a case that only the envelope had disappeared, and this is also seen as though the snatch criminal misunderstood the ash as a drug.

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