A dying woman whose Uzzi began to find is found

It is said that a woman (62 years old) corroded in Texas City, Texas, America, has been discovered in U.S. I am investigating how long it was abandoned, but it seems that a considerable number of days have elapsed considering that Uji was abandoned as it was abandoned. Female families also seemed to have hardly faced a face and it seems that they never showed up for more than half a year.

When I heard that the corroded woman is being left out, it seems that there are reports of unpleasant odors, but I am wondering what kind of site it was.

Details are from the following.
FOXNews.com - Woman Found Barely Alive, Infested by Maggots - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

I heard that a woman who is known as a son received a report and police came to see him and found a woman who was falling in the living room. Several cats running around in the room, it was full of putrid smell.

It seems that it was thought that the maggot was seen from a woman who had fallen in the room and the police seemed to have thought that several days had passed since the death, but he confirms that the woman is blinking and has survived. The woman was brought to the hospital immediately and received treatment.

My family did not appear in front of a woman from January this year and it may not have been such a situation if there is a high frequency of appearance a little more. It is unknown whether the son of a woman named a son was also not on the scene and he was really a woman's son.

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