A cat who has been missing from Florida's house, discovered in Texas traveling 1800 km

Sometimes cats sometimes disappeared somewhere and thought that it was common that they would not return for about a couple of days, but as it was discovered where they were 1800 km away, the story Different The owner's woman seems to have fallen into panic because the cat could not be found.

Details are as follows.
When Kelly Levy (24) living in Florida came home on Friday, there was not a cat, Gracie Mei, who was always waiting for her return under the stairs. Mr. Levi last saw Mey a few hours ago by having her husband · Seth (34)Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International AirportWhen I was sending it. Mei is a cat after ten months and since the day has not yet been received since receiving a contraceptive surgery, Levy immediately searches for the plumbing space etc. of the washroom because it is hiding in a narrow place because he is scared of big noise and human voice Although it was, there was no May anywhere. Mr. Levi, who became panicked, called his father to call and took off the tiles of the bath, but after all Mae was not seen anywhere. Since we could not obtain eyewitness testimony even in the neighborhood, the next morning I lost my neighbors post and stuck a cat litter.

At that time Seth wasDallas / Fort Worth International AirportI arrived at the baggage claim office, but it seems that the Samsonite suitcase did not come out forever for some reason.

When Mr. Levi left the house, there was an incoming call from an unknown area code on the cell phone and she answered the phone "I do believe it is inconceivable, but now I am calling from Texas Fort Worth, wrong I brought your husband's luggage ... "with the content saying," When opening the luggage the cat has popped out, "the man said to Mr. Levi. Mr. Levi noticed that Mei secretly entered the suitcase during packing and Mr. Seth asked me to pick up him on Saturday so he will pick up May.

"It was packed in a pityy May, a suitcase, passed through baggage inspection and X-ray inspection at Fort Lauderdale, it was carried on an airplane for 4 hours and was brought to Texas, and survived in that situation" Is a story of Levi. "And it was brought to the house of the wrong person by mistake, and finally left out of there."

May was safe, I was able to return home on Sunday night. Mr. Levy says, "I would like to thank the kind person who took care of the cat and gave out the return pet taxi fare. It seems that the identity of that kind person is unknown because I did not know where the phone that Levi's cell phone was originally coming from.

About this incident, American airlines spokesperson said that he could not comment because he did not know about the condition of the cat.

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