A missing pet cat suddenly breaks into a television debate program

It seems there was a happening that suddenly a cat broke into the live television program. Because this cat was a cat who had disappeared from the owner, the owner seemed surprised to see the broadcast, and it seems that acquaintance called a place of owner. There should have been a lot of TV staff at the studio, but where did this cat get in from?

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You've been Tangoed: Ginger tom upstages David Dimbleby on BBC Question Time | Mail Online

The cat "Tango" owned by Ellery (39) living in a city called Newquay in the state of Cornwall, England has been missing on the way between Ellery's children's community college from home. It was. As Tango, which is often found in the grounds of community colleges, can not find anything looking for, Ellery has no choice but to go home once, trying on the TV while thinking about Tango, the live broadcast debate It seems that the figure of Tango wandering around the studio appears in the program.

Tango's intruding broadcast was a debate program broadcasted at British BBC, and ministers and spokespersons of the Tory party also appeared. Immediately after Tango's intrusion, the performers did not keep in mind that the cat was drowning, but Tango crawled under the performer's desk, and the site seemed to be noisy. After that, Tango was kicked out outside by the program staff, and I did not know where I went.

This is a picture when Tango breaks in.

Tango was discovered in a neighborhood school on the evening of the broadcast, and returned to Ellery.

Ellery and Tango.

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