You can find a doll whose figure is just like a dog's stomach

I took an X - ray photo at a hospital because my dog ​​was not good, and it seems that the toy dog ​​was clearly shown in my stomach. The doll found from the stomach was similar in appearance to the swallowed dog.

As dogs mischievously swallow small toys and possibly accidentally swallow, attention is needed for families keeping dogs.

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Spaniel Alfie proves it's a dog-eat-dog world as he gobbles up a toy puppy | Mail Online

Mr. Joan who lives in the town of Wilmslow in the state of Cheshire, United Kingdom, said that his pet Alfie (Spaniel dog) took Joan to the hospital because he died without eating and drinking water. The veterinarian in charge did not eat and drink anything, but I was wondering about being full, but I took X-rays and found that the toy dog ​​was clearly shown in my stomach.

This is a radiograph. It shows clearly and photographs of dog dolls.

I heard that the dolls in the body were taken out after a few hours of X - ray photography and Alfie became healthy. This dog doll was in the bedroom of my daughter Madleen, and it seems that Alfie inadvertently swallowed while swaying in the mouth.

Madaren is on the left, Joan and Alfie are on the right. After the operation is left in the stomach of Alfie. It certainly looks exactly like a doll.

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