A movie of a cute, curious kitten with a couple of months after birth

At the time of childbirth, a kitty who was born with 60% of its original weight and only 66 g in premature babies recovered to 1 pound (about 454 g) in one month. I play cute on the owner 's stomach, play with my mother, and show me a cute appearance.

Kitten Marshmallow: 4 weeks old and counting - YouTube

A kitty cat, Marshmallow, that this was born in premature babies.

In one month the weight recovers to 1 pound (about 454 g).

It is moving around like this now

In trying to climb slippers ......

It slipped all the way.

Konnichiwa from among the slippers


Lick mom's paws

I am watching where I eat rice

This neck is about to bend

Around the stomach

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