10-year-old boy adheres his hands to bed with glue and refuses to go to school

Diego, a 10 - year - old boy in Mexico 's capital Mexico City' s capital Mexico City, told her that she did not want to go to school after Christmas holiday and glued her hand to the bed with a glue and refused to go to school. However, it is a boy who makes very daring things.

Details are as below.
Boy glues hand to bed to avoid school - Yahoo! News

Diego secretly went to the kitchen secretly to take industrial glue early in the morning, and then attached a lot of glue to the right hand on the right hand. The reason why I do not want to go to school is because the holidays are very fun.

Mother Sandra Palacios struggled for nearly two hours until experts came to use water, oil, etc. to stick his hands off the bed and then hands were peeled off safely from the bed by proper treatment of experts It seems to be.

My mother says, "I do not know why I did this, like mischievous just like any other kid but I am a very good girl."

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