One bottle of 50,000 yen wine "Evangelion Sparkling" photo review

Embroidered Swarovski crystal in the design of Eva's first machine · Ray · Asuka, limited to 333 each, the lot number is allocated from 001 to 333, one 50,000 yen will be "Evangelion SparklingThe series was brought into the editorial department secretly, so we decided to take a photo review.

The contents are sparkling wine by the French winery "MONTS-MALERET", alcohol degree is 12.5%, capacity is 750 ml

This is a box

Mark of NERV


At the bottom of the back is a logo indicating that it is a formal license from color

This is the first one, "Evangelion Sparkling EVA 01 BRUT (Brut) Dry"


Nelfloggo is like a medal in this way so that each bottle sticks together


Such a design

Swarovski crystal part of the eye

The second one, "Evangelion Sparkling EVA 00 SEC (SEC) Nakaguchi"

The design is Ray

Like this

Swarovski crystal on the chest

The third one, "Evangelion Sparkling EVA 02 DEMI SEC (Dumi · Sec) Sweet"

The design is Asuka

Swarovski crystal on the part of the cross

Enclosed instruction manual

Maybe I think "why Mary does not exist" ......

That is it, yes, it is.

◆ For personal purchase
Limited evangelion sparkling appeared! Evangelion Sparkling ~ Character Bottle Art Project ~ | animate ONLINE SHOP (Animate Online Shop)

◆ For business use
Each 333 Evangelion sparkling appeared! "Character bottle art project" first bullet

In addition, it seems that it handles also in the following shops.

Maid Cafe & Refleology Sorcerity Mei Dolce Osaka

Karaoke Pasera 【Farewell party · Second party party · Karaoke ranking】 Akihabara Pasera Showa Dori kan

Akihabara 【Farewell party / Second party meeting】 Akihabara Pasela electric branch store

Kobe branch

TEL: 078-335-5651
Address: 2-11-1 Shimayama Besso Chuo-ku Kobe City Hyogo Prefecture KSM Building 4F

Osaka branch
TEL: 06-6213-5030
Address: Osaka-shi Osaka-shi Maeemon-cho 7-12 Taiyo Building 2F

Nagoya branch
TEL: 052-451-3205
Address: Tsubaki-machi Nakamura-ku Nagoya City 20

Nakano branch
TEL: 03-3387-1173
Address: 5-58-9 Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo Social Building B1F

In addition, we plan to make unopened items as gifts for presents in gift articles around the end of July.

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