Pleasant buddy hero action "TIGER & BUNNY", All the story is being distributed for free

Anime broadcasting from April 2011 "TIGER & BUNNY"Popularity such as the first limited edition of Blu-ray Volume 1 sold out in a moment, soaring in auctions, etc. are showing. Currently, the broadcasting until the 13th episode is over and there is also a second cool eleventh, so hurdling was starting to start from now, but as if to relieve this, the Bandai channel Started free distribution of episodes 1 to 13.

TIGER & BUNNY 1-13 Story Free │ Bandai Channel

Incidentally, access is concentrated from around 16 o'clock, so it seems that it is difficult to connect to the site considerably. Here is the official tweet of the Bandai Channel at 06: 11.

We temporarily suspended "TIGER & BUNNY" distribution for access concentration. We are now dealing with the environment so that we can watch and listen.

Also, before 20 o'clock, an announcement is announced to the effect that it is difficult to connect from the official account of the work.

Although free delivery of 1 to 13 stories has started, it seems that the site is currently hard to connect. I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

Before the broadcast, because the information that the original hero seems to be beginning was the center, it was not the one that attracted particular attention among new works "TIGER & BUNNYHowever, when it begins, it embodies the word "pleasant buddy hero action" of selling complaint, not only men of the age close to Takubi · T · Toru Toru, but also the female group is receiving hot support.

Since free distribution includes all the stories broadcasted so far from episode 1 to episode 13, if you look at this, you will be able to catch up with the latest episode broadcasting this weekend Saturday at the fastest.

Incidentally, the PV3 including the digest of episodes 1 to 13 and the images after 14 episodes are here.


People who have given up giving up "I will stop talking about not being able to catch up with the story already because I missed the opening but I can not catch up with the story ..." are delivered free until noon on Wednesday, July 6, so this opportunity Please try to catch up with.

In addition to the release of BD & DVD Volume 2 on June 24th, Volume 3 will be released on July 22 (June 14th storefront reservation deadline), Volume 4 will be released on August 26 (July 18 Day shop front reservation deadline).


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