I tried tasting the fluffy foam of Italian iced coffee 'Shekelat' shaked like a cocktail in Starbucks

Ice coffee " Shekelato " which shakes espresso with shaker and whisks it with Starbucks has appeared on Wednesday, June 28, 2018. Shekelat is Italian style iced coffee, you can enjoy the flavor of "Starbucks Reserve" which is qualified and distinctive and rare in coffee beans and you can enjoy the soft taste and unique bubble mouthfeel than regular espresso So I tried drinking.

Shekelat | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrived at "STARBUCKS RESERVE BAR (Starbucks Reserve Bar)". Shekelat is a product limited to the "Starbucks Reserve Bar" store for people who want to pursue sophisticated delicious coffee even at Starbucks stores.

Starbucks reserve bar is marked with this star and the alphabet "R" mark.

I will order a drink "Shekelat" for this purpose inside the shop. Shekelat is iced coffee made using "shakers" used when making cocktails and the like. At the Starbucks Reserve Bar you can see where to make Shekelaert in front of you.

I received a number tag when I place an order.

When you show me how to make it, a staff with expertise in coffee, "black apron varistor" marked with a black apron will show off making ordered "Shekelat". Introduction Barista seems to be preparing espresso, syrup, ice etc of "Shekelat" material.

A shaker appeared here.

Varista shakes the shaker with quick hands and draws arcs with shakashaka.

Shake ends in a few minutes.

Coffee is transferred from the shaker to the glass.

Coffee was pouring in parallel to the glass and it was completed.

This is Shekelat (680 yen tax excluded). You can see that a glass covered with coffee-colored bubbles. Shekelaat, poured into a wide glass, is a coffee cocktail.

When ordering Shekelaert, a set of cards with descriptions about coffee beans "Starbucks Reserve" used for espresso will come as a set. "Starbucks Reserve" is one that Starbucks has approved as a coffee bean that only a very small amount can be obtained. The shekelat coffee beans offered this time was Guatemala el Socorro Malaca Tura . In the Starbucks Reserve Bar, you can also drink this coffee bean with siphon or some other extraction method, or purchase the beans themselves.

The height of the glass of Shekelaert is about a little higher than the traffic IC card.

I tried drinking ice coffee which is easy to drink while having a deep aroma and taste of espresso. The bubbles are frosty, and the fragrance of espresso is full as it does not use creams. However, since foam disappears immediately, it is recommended to drink early. Espresso has a sweet smell like chocolate in its aroma. The bitterness of coffee was moderate and sweet, and it became iced coffee, which can be drunk with a refreshing sour taste with a strong acidity.

The store "Starbucks Reserve Bar" which can order "Shekelat" at the time of article creation is 13 stores below, please check the opening hours and detailed places etc. from the link of the following official website.

· Tokyo Midtown Hibiya store
· Ginza Tsuya Bookstore
· Tokyo Midtown store
· Hatsudai 1 chome store
· Ikejiri 2-chome shop
· Komazawa 1-chome shop
· Kaisei 5-chome shop
· Okusawa 2 chome store
· Tamagawa 3 chome store
· Shin-Ishikawa 2 chome branch
· Chapo Funabashi South Collection
· LUCUA osaka basement 2 storey store
· Nakayama Goten 2 chome branch

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