13 facts you do not know about cats

It is etotetra related to cats who do not know much for people who usually keep cats and living together everyday.

13 Things You Did not Know About Cats | Reader's Digest Version

1: A greeting that cats nose and nose together with cats is unusual

In the case of cats who do not always stay together, if you do not get enough sense of security after getting visually information about where the other party goes and what to do, you can stick your nose and nose together I will not greet you. In addition, it is said that cats who know each other well do.

2: Ringing and throat sounds indicate satisfaction

However, when deeply rumbling and throat, it means pain, so be careful. If you are familiar with love cats you will be able to tell by the difference in attitude.

3: Cats are born and start sounding in a week

It also makes it possible to breathe continuously and vomit.

4: The sound of young cats sounding throat is one tune

A cat who has taken years changes the tone of the cry two or three times.


5: The scientists do not know exactly how the cat is producing the sound of throat

It seems that one scientist believes that it is ringing from the cardiovascular system rather than the throat.


6: The cat gives a cry to the owner that the kitten will give out

Nonetheless, I will give mature sounds to other cats.

7: Like a dog, cats sometimes get sick or die when they eat chocolate

It is dangerous to give chocolate easily.

ByDarwin Bell

8: Cat likes to sleep better than sleep

However, if you are relaxing enough to get into a deep sleep, you will form a brain wave pattern similar to that when a person is asleep.

9: When a cat makes an undesirable eye contact, flinch her eyes and thin it

When you want to get along with a strange cat you better not not make eye contact. If coincidental eyes are present, it may be better to shake your eyes by blinking.

10: The pulse of the cat is between 160 and 240 minutes per minute

The pulse changes according to the age of the cat, and the younger the cat, the faster it gets young.

ByPer Ola Wiberg ~ Powi

11: Cat can not understand "punishment" as human beings

Rather than punishing actions that should not be done, when you do what you want, it is necessary to praise it and reward it.

12: Giving raw meat to cat every day helps keep teeth and gum health healthy

Appropriate meat contains boneless chicken meat, rabbit meat, beef.

13: Ancestral cats originally live in the desert Animals

Your cat is very strong in the heat because the cat's ancestor was originally living in the desert.

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