McDonald's New Product "Icon Chicken California Cobb" Tasting Review

McDonald's Icon Chicken Series New Products"California Cobb"I was eating right away because it appeared. This time"Cobb salad"As a source of mayonnaise, based on mayonnaise, plenty of ingredients such as onion and garlic are plentiful and spicy "cobsus" is the eyeball, but what kind of taste is it finished?

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A big poster of California Cobb was posted on the store.

This is the outer box of California Cobb. It has become a clear design.

And this is what it is. A massive chunk of meat chicken is a charm of icon chicken series.

The overflowing from the left side is the cobweb of the eyeball of this time.

The contents are five layers of whole grain buns, chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce.

As I tried it, cookies that spicy on juicy chicken worked very well. Cob sauce contains onion in size enough to have a texture, chili peppers are tangy, it feels like a distinctive feature has come out. It is finished in sandwich which stands out for spicy and fragrance.

Although hot menu is unusual at McDonald's, California Cobb has chili pepper and garlic that draws out the taste of chicken well and has a taste of summer, so when you want to eat some bitter things It seems to be useful.

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