Super high definition video to enjoy with 85-inch Super Hi-Vision display, the target will be test broadcasted in 2020

The other day,Sharp and NHK develop "Super Hi-Vision" compatible displayAlthough there was an announcement that it did,STRL Open 2011In fact the experience corner which was able to enjoy the picture with the 85 - inch Super Hi - Vision display was established.

In the future, further technical development will be promoted, and full specification camera and full spec in 2020PDP, The goal is to develop practical type codec for broadcasting and to conduct trial broadcasting using the 21 GHz band satellite.

Details are as below.
Corner of "Next Generation TV Super Hi-Vision"

Super Hi-Vision is a next-generation broadcasting system aimed at realistic and realistic sensation, with spatial resolution of 7680 × 4320, time resolution (frame frequency) of 120 Hz, gradation (number of bits) of 12 bits, color system is wide color gamut RGB . In addition, the acoustic system is 22.2 channels, the sample frequency is 48 kHz / 96 kHz, the number of bits is 16 bits / 20 bits / 24 bits.

Its research and development road map looks like this. It seems that 4000-class projector and 4000-class camera (2.5 inch, 4CCD) were exhibited for the first time at the Giken Publication in 2002.

A full resolution projector was completed in 2009, and a full resolution camera (2.5 inch, 3 CMOS) was completed in 2010. The 85-inch full resolution display was in time for the presentation at the Giken.

From here, further development of 100-inch resolution display, full resolution codec, home reproduction technology, etc. are advanced, and the goal is set that test broadcasting will be carried out in 2020 with all kinds of technology.

The direct view type ultra high definition display conveys the realism and texture of the image and reproduces the feeling that the household 3D sound reproduction system is wrapped in sound. The viewing style at home seems to change greatly.

This is the actual display. A lot of people were watching the high-definition image soon.

I tried to see it nearby.

This is the Super Hi - Vision camera.

In order to realize this Super Hi - Vision broadcast, next - generation satellite broadcasting capable of large capacity transmission is necessary. As a result, equipment development and technology development for new satellite broadcasting using the 21 GHz band are carried out.

Actually, I do not know if this is enough for my home, but after ten years I may be seeing the prospect of commercialization of Super Hi-Vision.

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