A technology capable of delivering Super Hi-Vision (8K) video on existing CATV network has appeared, the world's first successful transmission experiment

KDDI and KDDI Laboratories, Jupiter Telecommunications developed a video compression encoding method that can compress and transmit ultra-high definition images such as full Hi-Vision (2K) and Super Hi-Vision (4K, 8K) at the same time, using the CATV network I succeeded in transmission experiment for the first time in the world. This compression encoding method is unique, it is superior to H.264 and HEVC (H.265) method of the latest international standard.

Super Hi-Vision video transmission experiment using CATV network | 2013 | KDDI CORPORATION

Super Hi-Vision video transmission experiment utilizing CATV network | 2013 | KDDI CORPORATION

When transmitting the video, the video of full high vision (1920 × 1080 at 2,000 resolution, 2048 × 1080) is for one channel, the super high vision 4K video (4096 × 2160, 4,840 × 2160 for 4K full HD) is 2 channels Minute, 8K video (8190 × 4320 or 7680 × 4320) required a bandwidth of 5 channels. If 4K video and 8K video are to be delivered at the same time, it means that 7 channels in total are required.

However, since this system realizes higher compression than before, 4K video and 8K video can be delivered at the same time in the band of 4 channels which is about 1/2 of the conventional one.

This makes it possible to deliver ultra high definition video of full Hi - Vision and Super Hi - Vision without affecting CATV services such as broadcasting, telephone and the Internet which are already being provided by using the current CATV Internet transmission technology I will. Specifically, it seems that it is considered to be used for public viewing that uses a large monitor, but "It can expect delivery to home".

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