The resolution is 4 times the full high vision, Sony begins to popularize "4K"

Although it is a full high definition vision that has come to be familiarized at the end of the popularization of high-vision television, Sony seems to be embarking on the spread of the standard called "4K" that realized 4 times its high resolution.

While the resolution of full high vision is 1920 × 1080, "4K" has an ultra high resolution of 4096 × 2160, although it seems to be spreading from the movie theater first, in the future it will spread even at home Cow.

Details are as follows.
Sony, digital projector "Ultra high image quality" spread to cooperate with the major US movie theaters Digital home electronics & entertainment - Latest news: IT-PLUS

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, Sony seems to accelerate the spread of digital projectors compatible with ultra-high resolution called "4K" in partnership with "AMC Entertainment", a leading American movie trading chain.

This is to introduce Sony's 4K system in principle to the screen of a total of 4628 in 309 cinemas operated by AMC, Sony said that it already has a track record of introducing the 4K system to 150 screens.

In addition, as a background to promote 4K conversion, it is said that the movement in the movie industry to digitize from shooting to editing and screening to reduce costs has spread, and it is thought that further improvement of image quality and 3D are expected to progress .

By the way, for super high resolution images exceeding full high vision, NHK currently overwhelms full high vision "Super Hi-Vision"We are promoting research on super Hi-Vision" 7680 × 4320 ", the sound system seems to be" 22.2 ch "which is not so much compared with the conventional 5.1 ch and so on.

This is the 22.2 ch acoustic system. Three-dimensional sound is realized by placing 24 speakers in the upper, middle and lower layers. It seems to be difficult to set up at home.

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