Toshiba finally finally adjusted the withdrawal of HD DVD business, the loss is tens of billions of yen

As reported earlier in NHK News 7, Toshiba is in the final adjustment to withdraw from the HD DVD business, and the loss is expected to be tens of billions yen.

Details are as follows.
Adjusted by Toshiba HDDVD withdrawal

According to it, although Blu - ray Disc and HD DVD were fierce competition as a standard for the next - generation DVD, Blu - ray accounted for 90% or more in Japan. In addition, Warner Bros. announced that it will unify in the future to Blu-ray in the future, furthermore America's leading retailer Wal-Mart will also sell only the Blu-ray format in the US stores in the future and will remove all HD DVD standards by June doing.

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Wal-Mart also decides next generation DVD standard as Blu-ray

In response to these movements, Toshiba has halted the production of factory equipment in Aomori prefecture in its entirety and has concluded a policy to completely withdraw from the HD DVD business.

Although over-the-counter sales will continue for the moment, we will stop new development, and this will result in losses reaching tens of billions of yen.

In other words, the battle for standards of the next-generation DVD is virtually a prospect that is unified with Sony's Blu-ray Disc (Blu-ray Disc).

By the way, Toshiba's executive executive Managing Executive Officer is in an interview while speaking remarks saying that if HD DVD loses to Blu - ray, it will come.

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