Microsoft denies Blu-ray adoption to Xbox 360

Toshiba's HD DVD withdrawalReceived, Xbox 360It may be shifting from the HD DVD drive adopted so far to the Blu-ray driveThe possibility comes out, but Microsoft executives seem to have denied the possibility.

In other words, does Xbox 360 not support next generation DVDs?

Details are as below.
No discussion on Blu-ray compatibility of Xbox has been made = Microsoft executives in the US | Money News | Latest economic news | Reuters

According to this article, the group product manager of Microsoft's home video game console "Xbox 360" business talks about the interview of Reuters communications company, the consultation to make Blu-ray, which is Sony's next-generation DVD standard, compatible with Xbox 360 I heard that he did not go.

Although the Xbox 360 is a US market that shows good sales, this year it is said that the PS3 sales volume is higher than Xbox 360, but the latest work of the popular game software series "Grand Theft Auto IV" is 4 We are planning to hit the PS3 by preparing the inventory of Xbox 360 as abundant as it is released at the end of the month.

By the way, according to the following article, it is said that the recorder equipped with Blu-ray is starting to sell smoothly as users who had refrained from Toshiba's HD DVD withdrawing next-generation DVD started purchasing , Depending on future market trends, is there any possibility that Microsoft will start to consider?

Signs of popularization with new generation DVD, standard unification

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