Sony, is considering PS3 with 200GB HDD installed?

Sony's next generation game console "PS 3", it is said that models with 200 GB HDD may come out.

The background of this is Microsoft's next generation game console "Xbox 360"Announced "Xbox 360 ELITE" equipped with HDMI terminal and 120 GB HDDIt may be that there are few sales volumes compared with Nintendo's next-generation game machine "Wii".

Details are as follows.
Sony developing 200GB PS3 :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore video game blog

According to this article, Sony's spokesperson said in an interview that 90% of purchasers of PS3 had purchased the 60 GB model, "We are considering launching a model with HDD of larger size" He said he said.

And, in response to that, reading the R & D chart of Sony's PS3 revealed that it is actually planned to install HDDs of 120 GB to 200 GB. However, if you install a 120 GB HDD, it will have the same capacity as the "Xbox 360 ELITE", so it is about 200 GB of what you will be loading, considering the previous one.

Would not it be possible to sell it considerably if you cut the current 60GB model to the price of the 20GB model and sell the 200GB model at the price of the 60GB model?

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