Sony, PS3 20GB model will be discontinued in North America

The 20GB model of Sony's next generation game console PS3 seems to cancel sales in North America under pressure from both consumers and retailers. This is because consumers and retailers are not seeking a 20 GB model, they are seeking a 60 GB model.

In Europe, only the 60 GB model is released from the beginning, but will it be sold only in 60 GB models in Japan in the meantime?

Details are as follows.
R.I.P. PlayStation 3 20GB is officially no more - Joystiq

According to this article, more than 90% of American retailers are requesting to sell 60 GB models, and consumers also strongly demand the 60 GB model, so this time Sony officially sells the 20 GB model I decided to abort. As a result, Sony is focusing on selling 60GB models.

According to the following official website, the difference between the 20 GB model and the 60 GB model is that not only the capacity of the HDD but also whether the memory stick / SD card / compact flash slot or IEEE 802.11 b / g wireless LAN is installed It is said that there is. (Japan) | Hardware | PLAYSTATIONR 3 Information

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