Pictures and movies that animals are yawning after opening large mouths

The animals are yawning pictures and movies. It seems unexpectedly to the appearance that the ferocious cheetah is playing yawn with the tongue stretched out and the state where the dog is putting out his tongue with a loose expression.

Details are as follows.
It looks warm and comfortable.

Yawn of a kitten.

The tongue has an interesting shape.

My facial expression is loose.

This is also loose.

I pull out my tongue too much.

As the lion's male basically does not participate in hunting and works when the enemy comes, is it like this usually?

My mouth is too big for a bit scary.

Is it big yawn, is it the same for animals and people to close their eyes?

The following is a movie. It seems yawn is going to be transmitted to animals too.

I will yawn my dog.
YouTube - Australian Cattle Dog Brook Yawning Dog Trick # 2

Yawn of a child hippopotamus.
YouTube - Yawning Baby Hippo by TagTooga

I also yawn horses.
YouTube - Yawning Horse

Yawn of a hamster. The body is small but it is opening wide.
YouTube - Hamster Yawn ~

A dog that yawns many times.
YouTube - Dog Yawning

Pictures of other than the yawn are also mixed, but other pictures can be seen from the following.

Gaping Maws

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