A game "Dwarf Compete" that collects items in a labyrinth like a puzzle

Become a dwarf and gather items while wandering around a map like a puzzle. The final goal of Dwarves is going to the moon, but for this you will need an item called "Floating Stone" so we will search for it in this labyrinth. It has become like a puzzle, and it is hard to find a solution if it becomes clogged, and it will end up catching up with it.

Access is from the following.
Lineage II dwarf COMPLETE

I made itGame "Grow Cube" to complete the cube type worldYaGrow strange spheres "GROW ver.1"Mr. ON of EYEZMAZE who made an interesting game such as.

EYEZMAZE [Eyes Maze] - Flash game -

It will be saved when you close the browser, so it's okay to interrupt it and take a rest.

The purpose is to complete items falling in the dungeon.

Such a puzzle is also being set on these places.

Solve and get items. Taking the key extends the range of action.

Items are just on the other side of the wall. If I could go through somewhere on the wall ....

I slide on the ice. It seems impossible unless you move the iron wall in order to take that item.

Timely firing the cannon and destroying the pedestal.

There is also a dark room. If I could light a fire ....

Combine the materials, open the book and press the red button to get the synthesized item.

The rock can be broken down by the tsurushi.

A room with many people suffering. When you step on the switch in front of the dwarf, the cannon gets ready for launch. It is necessary to steal the blue, red, purple switch somehow, and hit the ballistic wall.

It is carried to the truck. Switch points to avoid derailment.

A mysterious switch at the top of a building like a face.

Items gathered.

When items are aligned, it clears. If you think carefully, only one item field is available, and I have not yet gone to the moon yet.

All completed status.

Set the floating stone in the UFO.

Ending of impression. Please clear it and check with your own eyes. Evaluation will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. It seems that evaluation 5 can not be taken unless it is about 20 minutes.

Personally I was suffering from the item on the top left of this room.

Either warp is connected to the small room of the item.

Because it is pleasure to solve a mystery, it is fun to clear yourself even if it takes some time, but the following site will be helpful if you definitely can not go ahead.

Arai Club ~ Game Room Escape Puzzle RPG ~ Dwarf COMPLETE

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