Toshiba to announce the withdrawal from HD DVD today afternoon

Last weekend "Toshiba finally made a final adjustment for HD DVD business withdrawalWe delivered an article saying that Toshiba will announce the full withdrawal from HD DVD this afternoon.

Details are as follows.
Fully withdraw from HD system

According to Kyodo News, Toshiba officially decides to withdraw completely from the project related to the HD DVD standard and announces it at a press conference this afternoon.

Production of all products including household players, recorders, drives for personal computers, etc. are canceled, stocks in circulation are collected, and sales are to be canceled at the end of March.

By the way, regarding this withdrawal of Toshiba, as of yesterday the shareholders seemed to think that this is a good thing, it is ¥ 459 higher (5.74% higher) than the previous business day by 829 yen.

再送:〔アングル〕東芝<6502.T>のHD撤退に株価は好感、損失額・ブランド低下も限定的との見方 | マネーニュース | 最新経済ニュース | Reuters

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