Room of the highest in the world about 20 billion yen luxury condominiums opened

The inside of the penthouse of a luxury condominium "One Hyde Park" scheduled to be completed in 2010 in Knightsbridge, London, was first released at CG. The penthouse is about 20 billion yen and it will be the most expensive room in the world. The penthouse on the top floor is complete with bulletproof glasses, there are also air purification systems and panic rooms for emergency evacuation, and it seems that they can also escape to the underpass leading to a nearby hotel.

Images inside the room are as follows.Through the keyhole at the world's most expensive flat which costs £ 100million in central London the Daily Mail

There are 80 rooms in the apartment, there is also a joint spa, squash court and wine tasting facilities. About half of all rooms have already been sold, and the average price is about 4.2 billion yen. It is a record price of about 1.3 million yen per 900 square centimeters.

This is a high-class penthouse's CG that was released.

This apartment is managed by a regional development company "Candy & amp; Candy" founded by brothers Christian Candy and Nick Candy, designed by architect Richard Rogers.

Mr. Christian and Nick who built a high-class condominium.

Knight Frank, the foremost resident of the residential research, said that this time it proved that the luxury real estate market is still strongly popular.

Russian people own one-third of the apartment's rooms most. A quarter of the people of Middle East Asia, 20% British people, Europe and the United States market are equally buying.

Mr. Nick says, "It is no wonder that many races are bought, it is only symbolizing true international development and the status of London as the center of the world."

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