Will the battle for the next-generation DVD standard end with the victory of Blu-ray?

The other day,Compare Blu-ray and HD DVD camp shareAlthough I was telling you that the HD DVD campaign has been fairly overtaken, Paramount of the American movie company, which was the biggest figure to support that HD DVD camp, has been hoping to withdraw its HD DVD support. There are about 130 companies currently in the HD DVD camp, but there are talks that up to 20 companies will leave, and it will be decided that the next generation DVD war will come to an end.

Details are as follows.
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New generation DVD, Paramount also transfers to Blu-ray · FT coverage Digital consumer electronics & entertainment - latest news: IT-PLUS

According to the Financial Times, an American film companyParamountIt seems that there is the possibility that it will withdraw HD support and join the Blu - ray camp. This is due to the fact that Warner Brothers withdrew from the HD DVD campaign and traveled to the support of Blu-ray, ParamountAnnouncing HD DVD support last summerWhen contracting to join the camp, there seems to be a provision that allows Paramount to take similar measures if Warner supports Blu - ray.

Will Paramount's switch to Blu-ray spell the beginning of the end for HD DVD? - Times Online

According to the Times, up to 20 of the HD DVD Promotion Group's 130 companies are likely to leave the camp. If Paramount turns to the Blu-ray camp, the major player remaining in the HD DVD camp will be universal only, Blu-ray will end about 70% of Hollywood movies and will end the next-generation DVD standards battle .

Toshiba, which promotes HD DVD standards, has announced the comment that "Paramount continues to support HD DVD."

From the consumer point of view standardization is welcome, but it is noteworthy what will happen to the end.

15:43 postscript:
Leading Porn Studio Announces 8 Blu-ray Titles - CE Pro Article

In response to Warner 's Blu - ray support, Digital Playground, a pornographic film production company that had been selling software on HD DVD, also said he decided to sell the software on Blu - ray. The first title "Pirates" will be on sale on January 11, after which eight releases are planned.

There was also a story that the adult video maker endorsed VHS as one of the reasons why VHS won when VHS and Betamax fought standards for home video, and the game was decided unexpectedly in this place Maybe.

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