Blu - ray software of the new movie cuts price, finally to the price of a general DVD

With the transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting, high-definition HDTVs are becoming popular, Blu-ray has a sense of steadily increasing market share, but the fact that Blu-ray software of new movies will fall It became clear.

It is said that it will be the same level price as general DVD, and it will be easy to enjoy high picture quality easily.

Details are as below.
Blu-ray new software, price as much as Sony Warner

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Home Video seems to cut down some of the new movies' Blu-ray software as much as a general DVD.

As a result, the price is said to be around 4000 yen, which is about 20% cheaper than before, and it is said that it will be carried out sequentially after March.

Already as Sony Pictures Entertainment will release the Blu-ray version of "2012" on March 19 as 3990 yen, which is the same level as the DVD version of a new movie usually sold at around 4000 yen Has been decided.

The official page of "2012". DVD version is bundled with the Blu - ray version so that you can compare the image quality.
2012 - 2010.3.19 DVD & Blu-ray Release

By the way, the company is planning to extend the price reduction target to other new movies in the future, and it is possible that other companies may follow up by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Home Video, which are going to cut prices.

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