Combo drive for notebook PC compatible with playback of Blu-ray disc and DVD recording to 5000 yen

Although it is finally popular Blu-ray disc due to the end of standard war with HD DVD and sales of recorder compatible with Hi-Vision recording, it is finally becoming popular, Blu-ray disc playback and DVD recordable combo drive for notebook computer 5000 It became clear that the price dropped to the yen table.

Unfortunately, software for playing commercially available Blu - ray discs containing movies etc is not bundled, but it may be good news for those already with software that supports Blu - ray disc playback Hmm.

Details are as follows.
Price .com - Panasonic UJ-120 price comparison

Major price comparison site "Price .comAccording to Panasonic's Blu-ray Combo Drive for Notebook PC as of 23:15 on March 7UJ-120It is sold for 5829 yen.

The price change history is like this. Prices have been changing at around 8000 yen or less since January, but from the beginning of February the lowest price has fallen to about 6000 yen at a stroke, and the average price has also declined.
Price .com - Panasonic UJ-120 Price change history

By the way, the recordable driveIt is still in the 15,000 yen rangeIt seems that it is very cheap for the user who wants to play only.

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