Announced that Amazon will deliver content shot in 4K video on its own channel

It realized 4 times the density of full HD picture quality of screen resolution 3840 × 2160 pixels4K displaySales were strong,Corresponding softwareIt is about to start selling, but it is responsible for video content production in one division of AmazonAmazon StudiosAnnounced that it will shoot all the content such as drama and comedy produced in 2014 with 4K image quality.

Amazon Studios to Shoot 2014 Original Drama and Comedy Series in 4K | Business Wire

Amazon will release original shows in 4K | The Verge

Roy Pricee, director of Amazon Studios, said about this announcement, "The future of 4K technology is extremely exciting for Amazon, which is starting drama production from now on. The work produced in 2014 is all 4K picture quality I am looking forward to being able to provide images with the highest image quality ever recorded by being photographed, "he says about expectations for new services.

Amazon Studios is a video production company established in 2010, but it is characterized by a different production process from the past. A system that recruits screenplays and images from creators including general users through the Internet widely, and decides on actual production based on the content and evaluation from users. Depending on the evaluation, it has become a service that may be developed into a movie through Warner Brothers.

Providing contentAmazon Instant VideoAlthough it seems that it seems to use the service of the service, at the moment the timing of service start, price setting, viewing method etc. are undecided.

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