Samsung starts mass production of world's first 1 TB storage for smartphones

Samsung has announced that it has begun mass production of 1 TB eUFS (flash storage), the first in the industry, for mobile devices such as smartphones.

Samsung Breaks Terabyte Threshold for Smartphone Storage with Industry's First 1 TB Embedded Universal Flash Storage - Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung started production of the world's first 512 GB eUFS at that time in December 2017, which is one year's strength and has started to mass-produce eUFS twice its capacity.

"1 TB eUFS is expected to play an important role to bring a user experience like next-generation mobile PCs to many notebook PCs," said Cheol Choi, vice president of Samsung Electronics.

This 1 TB eUFS is a combination of 16 layer stacking of state-of-the-art 512 Gb V-NAND flash memory and proprietary technology of newly developed, which realizes the capacity twice as large as the size of 11.5 mm × 13 mm which is the same as the conventional 512 GB eUFS I will.

Even if it is said that "the storage capacity of a smartphone is 1 TB", it is not quite a capacity to come with pins, but considering how many 10 minutes of movies of 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) resolution can be stored, storage of many high-end terminals The capacity of 64 GB is 13, while if 1 TB, 260 can be saved.

Also, the sequential read speed is 1000 MB per second, twice the size of a typical 2.5 inch SATA SSD, 10 times the microSD card. In addition, the sequential writing speed is 260 MB per second, the random reading speed is 58,000 IOPS , and the random writing speed is 50,000 IOPS.

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