Samsung begins mass production of 30.72 TB SSD as "industry's largest capacity SSD"

Samsung announced that it began mass production of "industry's largest capacity" SAS SSD for "next generation enterprise storage systems". As "maximum capacity SSD" in August 2016Seagate announces ultra large capacity SSD of 60 TBAlthough it did not talk about productization even in 2017, it seems to have ended with demonstration technology.

Samsung Electronics Begins Mass Production of Industry's Largest Capacity SSD - 30.72 TB - for Next Generation Enterprise Systems - Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung unveils world's largest SSD with whopping 30 TB of storage - The Verge

From March 2016 in SamsungShipping 15.36 TB SSD, The 30 TB "PM 1643" series realizes large capacity with 2.5 inch size by combining 32 1 TB NAND flash packages composed of 16 layers of the latest 512 Gb V-NAND chip. About 5700 books can be saved for full HD movies with 5 GB file size.

Not only did the capacity doubled but also the performance itself was greatly improved, random reading up to 400,000IOPS, High-speed data transfer performance with random write up to 500,000 IOPS, sequential read at 2100 MB per second, and sequential write at 1700 MB per second.

Mass production itself began in January 2018, Samsung added 15.36 TB, 7.68 TB, 3.84 TB, 1.92 TB, 960 GB, 800 GB version in the latter half of the year to the lineup, so the shift from HDD to SSD in the enterprise market It is a policy to accelerate.

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