PlayStation Store announces the end of sales and rental services for video content such as movies and dramas

PlayStation has announced that it will stop selling and renting video content on the official online store, the

PlayStation Store. Movies and dramas will no longer be available for purchase or rental after August 31, 2021, but video content purchased up to that point will continue to be available on PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 , and smartphone apps.

PlayStation Store to discontinue movie and TV purchases and rentals --PlayStation.Blog

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Vanessa Lee, head of video business at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), which develops and operates PlayStation, updated the PlayStation blog to talk about future video content.

SIE strives to provide fans with the best entertainment experience through PlayStation, so it is necessary to evolve the service according to the needs of users. And in recent years, PlayStation has seen a surge in users of subscription-based streaming services like Netflix or advertising-based streaming services like Spotify.

Due to these changes in user behavior, Lee announced that on August 31, 2021, the sale and rental of video content such as movies and TV programs on the PlayStation Store will be stopped.

Even if the video content sales / rental service ends on the PlayStation Store, the content purchased so far can still be used.

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