Netflix turned out to be planning to prepare about 700 original contents by the end of 2018

Netflix, which is rapidly increasing subscribers as a video streaming delivery service, is particularly focused on original content, and many people subscribe to the service as they see the original content of Netflix. Meanwhile, CEO David Wells of Netflix said that it plans to prepare about 700 original contents in 2018.

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Surveys have found that the three video streaming distribution services, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, are different in popular content, and Netflix users are specifically targeted at "original series things".

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And Netflix is ​​increasingly focusing on the original content, according to David Wells, in 2018 he wants to deliver about 700 original movies and programs. In August 2017, "The original content delivered by Netflix has a budget of 8 billion dollars (about 850 billion yen)"It was reported.

We are involved not only in the United States but also in overseas 80 productions in the production of contents, for example, "2017" published "dark"Was produced in Germany. For example, "Dark" published in 2017 was produced in Germany, and in Japan in 2016 "spark"In 2017,"DEVILMAN crybaby"Are produced and exclusively distributed. Wells said: "Viewers do not mind where the story came from, it's important to have good content, that's not necessarily what we have to do on our own," It is.

It goes without saying that there is acquisition of new users behind the reinforcement of the original series. Netflix has reached 117.6 million by the end of 2017 with the number of subscribers increased to 1,176 million, "Wells is more likely than those who are not Netflix members than Netflix members," this is our possibility, It seems that he intends to aim for service expansion.

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