Netflix spends more than 760 billion yen in distributed content in 2018


Apple will cast a billion dollars (about 110 billion yen) as a production cost to deliver the original program on its own serviceWall Street JournalIt is reported that Netflix paid for delivered content for online streaming delivery service will exceed 7 billion dollars (about 760 billion yen) even for 2018 alone, so we will invest funds It is clear that there is.

Netflix to spend $ 7 B on content in 2018

Ted Sarandus, who is in charge of the chief content officer of Netflix who is the online streaming delivery service, reports entertainment related newsVarietyIn response to the interview, Netflix said to invest $ 7 billion for distributed content in 2018. In addition, Netflix seems to have spent more than $ 5 billion (about 550 billion yen) in 2016 and more than 6 billion dollars (about 660 billion yen) in 2017 to distribute various contents. According to Mr. Sarandus, this 7 billion dollar amount is for "mostly licensed content", so it is clear that almost $ 7 billion is spent as a license fee .

Netflix is ​​"House of Card Ambition of Stairs"Or"Orange is new black"As well as the creation of original content such as" Stranger Things "and" Master of None ", and it is obvious that they collect about 1 billion euros (about 120 billion yen) of funds for these productions It is becoming. Naoki Naoki's novel "Spark" who also won the Akutagawa prize in JapanNetflix visualizes and exclusive distributionOr, Akashiyama Sanma & Jimmy Onishi drama depicting the true story "Jimmy ~ A story of Honma like a stuff ~"Devilman's new work"DEVILMAN crybabyI am sure that you are concentrating on original content, such as being exclusively delivered.

Netflix will introduce another 120 billion yen to expand original content - GIGAZINE

Still, the current situation is that distribution content is still highly dependent on licensed products from major production companies. Mr. Sarandus says, "It will take two or three years for the ratio of (original content and others) to be half," but Netflix seems to consider further strengthening the original content over the next few years is. Netflix has created regional original content such as "3%" in Brazil and "Dark" in Germany, and plans to increase the number of TV series from 70 series to 100 series over the next few years.

As for the financial situation of Netflix that debt totaled 4.8 billion dollars (about 520 billion yen) and distribution agreement included 15.7 billion dollars (about 1.7 trillion yen), Sarandos said "We do have I do not use money but I spend my income as it is. "As I told you, I do not feel worried about financial aspects.

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With such an active strategy of Netflix, the sports program "Ultimate Beastmaster"Director Bon Juno's high evaluation at the Cannes Film Festival"Okja / okjaOn the other hand, popular content is being produced, but the original feature length movie "Sandy Wexler"And Brad Pitt's"War Machine: War is a story!"We have received low ratings in the review, and it seems that not all of the original contents are going well.

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