Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, share of both camps pie chart

Just the other day, WarnerUntil now, I brought it out with two kinds of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD, but after June I will convert it to Blu-ray"Announced. HD-DVD seems to be overwhelmingly disadvantageous, but there was a pie chart that you can see at a glance how much disadvantage it is. It seems that it is catching up considerably.

Details are as below.
Mac Rumors: HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray Battle Over? Warner Switches to Blu-Ray

This is the only film distribution giant left for the HD-DVD camp so far only for Paramount and Universal.

In addition, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition "2008 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show)" starts on January 7 th local time, but according to it, the following story also follows.

"The next generation DVD war will end this year"

Well, now or next year will there be sexes ...?

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