Weather camera catches the moment of nuclear explosion and live broadcast

During public broadcasting in the Czech Republic, a sharp white flash runs during the broadcast of a common morning weather program (the end of which the camera delivers the images of various places while telling the weather today) and a mushroom cloud that seems to be a nuclear explosion Occurred. The whole thing was said live broadcast.

Naturally to make a fuss. The actual picture is from the following.
YouTube - Fiktivni vybuch atomove bomby v Krkonosich (Zpravy CT 24)

You can see somewhat higher image quality on the Reuters site.

Art imitating atom blast | Video |

In addition, this video was cut out for YouTube, it was broadcasted in the news program. Actually it was broadcasted with the feeling as follows.

This picture was broadcast in the morning of June 17, 2007. Naturally, it was not actually a nuclear explosion, but it was replaced with a picture of such a fake (bullshit). The name of the replaced group is "ZTOHOVENWe have repeatedly undertaken a variety of these kinds of activities.

Statement released at the time hereAccording to them, they are neither terrorist organizations nor political organizations but art groups. The purpose of this video replacement (in short, like a radio wave jack) is not to intimidate or manipulate society, but the fundamentals of our everyday life are both real world and worldwide established by "media" It seems to have been to prove that.

Through this activity, the world we really think is a reality is simply looking at the world that the media has made, and we do not know if what we see on TV every day is "reality" , And we are doing. Also, do media such as newspapers, television and the Internet really convey "reality"? As this is the concept of shedding the nuclear explosion picture this time, public broadcasting can show the viewer the reality as it is not realistic, so furthermore we will not convey "the truth" yet It is said that it should not be.

How I changed the broadcasting, I heard that he went as follows.

An artistic group interfered with the Czech TV broadcast with fictitious nuclear explosion (English) CzechTek WebLog

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