Sony plans to launch a cheap Blu-ray player

It is said that Sony plans to release cheap Blu-ray player.

The HD DVD camp before the standard battle of the next generation DVD has already ended,We released a $ 200 playback-only HD DVD playerBut, what kind of player will it become?

Details are as below.
Sony: $ 200 Blu-ray players next year | Tech news blog - CNET

According to this article, Sony is planning to release cheap Blu-ray players of about 200 dollars (about 21,000 yen) in 2009. In addition, there is a possibility that players of about 299 dollars (about 31 thousand yen) may be released earlier this year.

Sony has predicted that 5 million Blu-ray players will sell by the end of 2008, despite the fact that the battle for standards of the next-generation DVD has ended, despite the recession in the US economy I am doing it.

If you buy a Blu-ray player of around $ 299 which it is supposed to go out during this year, you can also do other than Blu-ray disc playback Although buying a 40 GB model of PS 3 is also considered as one hand, Is it that many people are waiting for the release of inexpensive players too much?

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